Saturday, March 31, 2012

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The Bacon Coffin: For those who love Bacon to death. [Buzzfeed] The Ocotomom is now on welfare. [ONTD!] Orlando Bloom and Flynn go for a hike, explode ovaries as they pass. [PopSugar] The Hunger Games wins at the box office again. [GossipCop] The new Calvin Klein campaign is hot hot hot. [

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Linkpost | 3.31.2012

? Warned of an Attack on the Internet, and Getting Ready ? Anonymous allegedly warned it would attack the Internet’s Domain Name System today. The people who maintain it have been busy beefing it up. ? Old-time hacktivists to Anonymous: You’ve crossed the line ? Veteran hacker-activists say groups like Anonymous and LulzSec hurt the cause. ? MasterCard, VISA Warn of Processor Breach ? As many as 50,000 cardholders may have been affected. ? This Creepy App Isn’t Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge, It’s A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy [Update] and Foursquare revokes location API for ?Girls Around Me? app ? An app called Girls Around Me shows [...]

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How to Monitor Your Facebook Network

shutterstock_facebook_mobile.jpgWe have truly entered a social-networked monitoring society. So keep an eye on your Facebook friends.

In 2009, Zuckerberg declared the age of privacy over. By making Facebook user information public by default, he really did mean it. He later backpedaled and removed the default public-facing status update, but the age of privacy was dead long before that. Social-media monitoring service aims to help users keep track of the types of information they are sharing, and with whom.

"We introduced at the end of last year, and we had a vision that social networks were the next step in the security IT industry," Co-Founder Christian Sigl tells ReadWriteWeb. "Facebook is close to one billion users. It's getting more and more important to get an overview of what you share on Facebook."


Your Facebook friends, like your real-life friends, are a reflection of you. Facebook users should proceed with caution, especially as the defriending trend continues. Not to mention the fact that potential employers are asking job candidates for their Facebook passwords; the House GOP shot down a bill to prevent this from happening, essentially making it possible for employers to get away with super-stalking their potential employees. What are users to do aside from either shutting down their Facebook profiles completely, or cleaning them up significantly?

Monitoring service seeks to help users gain more control over their Facebook information. It initially only seemed useful for parents who wanted to monitor their children's activities on Facebook. In light of the ever-changing Facebook privacy concerns, however, it has become clear that users need to monitor their own profiles as well. is free and easy to sign up for. I decided to test it out using my Facebook profile as the guinea pig. The Summary overview gives users three main analyses: privacy, profile and network.


The privacy analysis scoured my Facebook profile and returned information that already seemed obvious: The fact that I chose to share my hometown, location, education, work, bio, some family members and political views, could compromise the way people choose to view me. Listing family members seems like the riskiest thing to do: This exposes your biological family to Facebook and your social network. Yet this is exactly the type of information that Facebook encourages users to share. After all, it is the information that most easily groups and identifies us, and helps us connect with other users.

The profile analysis discovered that the words "art," "pelvis" and "tattoo" were cause for concern. Overall, the language that identified on my profile was "positive," which is perhaps a better indicator of overall profile fitness than individual posts. The third option, network analysis, brought up nearly 100 questionable posts, all of which either had to do with politics or keywords like "idiot," "porn" (as in, food porn), or other types of profanity - which is not necessarily a bad thing, according to

On the whole, the service says that the mood of my friend network is positive. Every user knows their Facebook community, and what to expect from them. I don't care if my friends use profanity, so long as its tasteful. The most useful information gained from this analysis of nearly 10,000 posts was the fact that one of my Facebook friends has been posting a harmful link; it's from a virus that's posting spammy status updates that say "View today's photo of the day!" along with a link to a harmful app.

The Facebook Photo Paparazzi Effect

The most useful aspect of is the biometric face-recognition tool. Google+ made this useful feature optional to users months ago. No such tool exists on Facebook. It does tell you if you've been tagged in a Facebook photo by a friend, and it gives you the option to approve tags manually before the images appear on your wall. But Facebook does not notify you if photos of you are uploaded by people who are not your Facebook friends. The good news is that if someone with which you are not Facebook friends uploads a photo of you, they won't be able to tag you - though they can write your name into the photo caption. Still, that image of you can float around Facebook, unbeknownst to you - and if you leave your house (as in, have a life), chances are people will recognize you in that photo.

I like to call this the Facebook Paparazzi Effect. Think about it: Are real-life celebrities notified when a trashy tabloid takes their photo? Of course not. And then the glossy hits the newsstands with incriminating text alongside a random photo of the celeb. Admit it: You've gazed at and even purchased these magazines. We love our celebrity gossip. In the social-networked era when everyone gets their 15 minutes of social media fame, we're all mini celebs in the eyes of our Facebook friends.


One thing I found odd about this: only takes into account photos of you that are actually of your face. There's a culture on Facebook of tagging people in photos to let them know about something, to invite them out to dinner, to send a shoutout, or just to acknowledge them. When I tested out the biometric face-recognition tool, I also discovered a few photos in which I'd been tagged as inanimate objects: a pink flower, a printer, a lawn ornament.

Oftentimes it is the personality quirks and the language of Facebook subcultures that reveal more about a user's personality than the more obvious photos, activities and information shared. In the meantime, be selective about whom you befriend, and what types of slang you use within your Facebook subcultures. Your friends are a reflection of you.

Images via Shutterstock and Flickr user mtsofan.


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Bond Girls B�r�nice Marlohe, Naomie Harris Unveil 'Skyfall' Video Blogs (Video)

Jordan Zakarin
The two present very different characters in a rare glimpse into the Sam Mendes-directed 007 film.

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How to troubleshoot email problems on the new iPad

More often than not, email just simply ?works? on your iPad. You input your account information when you setup the iPad and email is received flawlessly.� Occasionally, however, problems do arise and need to be fixed.

Sometimes, it is an issue with the email server, sometimes it is a connectivity issue and sometimes you are just missing a key piece of information in the account setup. Usually, the solution is simple like a wrong password or switch. We will try to walk you through potential problems and their fixes.

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FBI's New Sentinel System: Exclusive Look

Our first look at the FBI's $451 million case management system reveals a user interface and features with the look and feel of a PC application.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Magic Johnson-led group is picked as Dodgers' next owner

The group, headed by the Lakers legend known for community involvement, agrees to pay $2 billion for the team. Frank McCourt keeps a small land take.

A group led by Lakers legend Magic Johnson emerged Tuesday night as the new owners of the Dodgers, ending months of uncertainty for the storied but troubled baseball franchise.

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AMIClubwear, Premier Online Retailer, Launches the 1st Ever Retailer?s Fashion Magazine

Through a bird?s-eye view of the fashion and beauty landscape via AMI magazine, women in search of their fashion identities will find practical yet fashionable styles to suit their personalities. In addition to interesting articles and enticing visuals, a look book section where brand enthusiasts can provide photos and commentaries on themselves to represent their own personal style, will add a different and exciting dimension to the online magazine. The AMI Magazine strives to be engaging in every way because its driving purpose is to inspire and motivate the average woman to create the fashion style and lifestyle she desires, without overspending. [...] in keeping with AMI Magazine?s style guide for the fashionably practical woman, affordable yet stylish fashion will also make the pages of the magazine.

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Links for 2008-03-20 []

  • Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best sex tape scandal
    Lindsay Lohan has done it again! There is now a picture of her giving oral sex to Calum Best. Be sure to take a look at the picture. The image is safe to view but we do have the link to the image that is NSFW.

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'Human Centipede 3' Production Delayed as Producers, Dieter Laser Feud

Jordan Zakarin
The third film in the gross-out franchise hits a snag as its star refuses to participate.

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2LoveToday Online Dating: The Brainchild of Professional Matchmaker Janis Spindel

2Love Today Online Dating Inc. just launched its new beta test site using both a free and paid business model and is working to integrate gamification like incentives such as achievements into its online dating platform. 2Love Today Online Dating Inc. just launched its new beta test site using both a free and paid business model and is working to integrate gamification like incentives such as achievements into its online dating platform. Features for 2Lovetoday range from contacting members with secure email and secure chat, who can view your profile, automatic population of matches upon sign in, a 15-second video profile to confirm a member looks like their profile photo, to chatting and personally interacting with Americas top matchmaker Janis Spindel and her NYC Dating Diva on a members only community Live Love Forum. [...] the ultimate goal of the paid membership business model is to acquire all 12 badges (8 free and 4 paid) to earn the coveted award of becoming a member of the Janis Spindel?s Private Registry where we ?roll out the red carpet?, searching and matching features combined with background checks and screening procedures.

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This Undulating US Wind Map Is Utterly Hypnotic [Maps]

Earth's wind patterns flow much in the same way as the oceans below them. This collaboration between Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg shows which way the winds of America are blowing. More »

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