Friday, September 30, 2011

Fake Girlfriend Texting Service Is Actually Pretty Brilliant [Dating]

The notion of signing up for automated calls and texts from a machine pretending to be your girlfriend sounds pathetic—and I don't blame you for assuming it is. But here's why it's genius. More »


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Internet Tops For Communicating With Government

PC communications is the preferred method, but people still want the ability to interact with officials by phone, mail, and in person, reports IDC survey.

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  The way the world consumes and shares data will dramatically change in the next five years. Is your network ready to handle the load? Prepare for the future of the network with Cisco.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Piston Puts Enterprise Cloud On A Memory Stick

Startup's USB "cloud key" with OpenStack and PentOS plugs into the switch at the top of a server rack, automates configuration.

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Lindsay Lohan Is Announced As The New Spokesmodel For Philipp Plein

Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan is trying to un-trainwreck herself by getting back to work … and for some reason, fashion designer Philipp Plein decided to give her a job. Lohan has been selected to be the new spokesmodel for Plein‘s line and was unveiled as such at a press conference in Milan, Italy ahead of Fashion [...]


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

6 Social Networking Questions IT Should Investigate

IT professionals need to take the lead on enterprise social
collaboration plans and maintenance. Make sure you're ready to answer these critical questions for the business.


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Motor City Mojo: The Startup Renaissance In Detroit

detroitEditor?s note: This post is authored by guest contributor Jon Bischke. Jon is a founder of RG Labs and is an advisor to several startups. You can follow Jon on Twitter here. San Francisco. Palo Alto. New York. Cambridge. Austin. Boulder. Detroit. One of those doesn?t seem to fit in there right? After all, Detroit?s a mess isn?t it? The median house price in Detroit is $6,000. Half of the adults in the city are functionally illiterate. 48% of children live below the poverty line. Some people would say that Detroit epitomizes what is wrong with America. But for a group of talented and motivated entrepreneurs in Detroit it?s something else. It?s a chance to show what?s right about America. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with a dozen of Detroit?s top founders to discuss what it?s like to start a company in what?s probably the most economically depressed city in the country. While their businesses were different and they didn?t agree on everything, they all shared one thing: a strong feeling that the Detroit of the future will be better than the Detroit of the present.


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Kim Kardashian is The Most Annoying Celebrity In Hollywood

Kim Kardashian is The Most Annoying Celebrity In Hollywood

I’d say thats a little bit harsh! �Yahoo! OMG and Parade casted a vote to find out which celebrity is the most annoying in Hollywood. [...]

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Missouri Overturning That Ridiculous Law Banning Student-Teacher Facebook Friendships [Facebook]

Yeah, that didn't take too long. After seeing how stupid it would be to issue a wholesale ban of internet communication between teachers and their students—free speech shenanigans—a judge and the Missouri House reversed the law, putting a more reasonable bill in its place. More »


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