Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Social Media Stock Picks Come To Bloomberg

WiseWindow begins distributing sentiment data for consumer stocks such as airlines as a Bloomberg data feed. Here's how one quant applied the data.

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'Star Wars' Composer's Concert at the Hollywood Bowl Will Get a Lightsaber Salute (Borys Kit)
John Williams will perform his hit movie music tonight in Los Angeles.

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Hacked Medical Device Sparks Congressional Inquiry

Legislators demand answers after a security researcher remotely controlled his own insulin pump using a $20 radio frequency transmitter at Black Hat.


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Matthew Fox Charged With Assault (Sofia M. Fernandez)
On Tuesday, Cleveland prosecutors photographed bruises that bus driver Heather Bormann says were the result of the actor's blows.

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Turn Off Wi-Fi in Apple iOS

Extend battery life on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch by disabling Wi-Fi.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Extended-range hybrids pick up steam

A clear trend is emerging among electric car manufacturers: Plug-in hybrids are a better near-term bet than purely battery-powered cars.

Ford today unveiled the latest in its series of electric cars, a plug-in hybrid electric car called the Evos. The …


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Skype Inks Deal To Acquire GroupMe

Startup’s mobile conferencing app could strengthen Windows Phone 7 platform once Microsoft completes Skype buyout.


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Apple CEO Tim Cook: The Truth

You say Goodbye. I say Hello.

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China's List of 100 Songs Banned on the Internet

bs.pngIf a tyranny bans a song, you want to believe the song will be a tower of power, a cry for freedom, a scream of defiance or a gob of spit in the face of God. Unfortunately, China's latest pop song blacklist puts paid to that idea.

In its supposed quest to bring "order" to the Internet music market, China has created a list of 100 songs that are now banned in that country. (Well, if history's any guide, it's less a quest for market order than for orthodoxy.) And man are they awful.


devil's music whiskey.jpgThese songs, according to the country's farcical Ministry of Culture, "harm the security of state culture (and) must be cleaned up and regulated under the law."

As with most Chinese government bans, this one is a grab bag of objections, including the eye-rollingly obvious accusation of "poor taste and vulgar content."

The full list is mostly in Chinese. (Here's a machine translated version.)

Among the threats to "state culture" listed are two songs by imperialist running dog Katy Perry, "E.T." (featuring Kanye West) and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"; Britney Spears' cover of Madonna's "Burning Up"; the Backstreet Boys' (wait, what?) "I Want It That Way"; and six by Lady Gaga, including "Americano" and "Bloody Mary."

Other counter-revolutionary lackeys of colonial industrial capitalism include Beyonce and Simple Plan.

Perhaps some of the banned Chinese artists bring a bit more political power to their pop punch. (Anyone familiar with Chinese pop music, do tell.) They include Yoga Lin, Mei, Hsiao and Jue Yan.

In the end, though, maybe a few songs about shoes and boobs are more dangerous to humorless tyrannies than any amount of sloganeering.

Britney photo from Sam Lavi | devil's music graphic from Whiskey Bent



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Monday, August 29, 2011

We're All Cheneyites Now

Zev Chafets, The Daily Beast
On the Fourth of July, Dick Cheney surprised his friends and neighbors in Jackson, Wyo., by coming downtown for the parade, an annual procession featuring a rollerblading moose and a wagon of farmers tossing raw corn—the Wyoming equivalent of Mardi Gras beads—into the crowd. Cheney didn’t stay long and he didn’t say much. Mostly he chatted with folks about fishing (the water’s too damn high this year) and posed for a few pictures. But it was enough to reassure people that the former vice president, who had been rarely spotted during a year...


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Who Should Buy RIM?

Mobile-watchers debate the merits of a sale to Google, Microsoft, or Samsung. Or does RIM need a buyout at all?


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